Sunday, March 15, 2015

Embracing OCD

I have written and confessed what I have.  I realize that there is much to be wrong with me.  I have been obsessing over quite a few things such as infidelity and racism.  Well, I have OCD, and I finally choose to embrace it.  I hope that the thoughts continue to lessen, and I have hope.  I am ever hopeful when it comes to these things.  My crushes and obsessions are no more.  I finally realized that I have wasted so much time feeding into obsessions.  I have done so this morning.  I wasn't sure what to do except that I realize that it gives me a natural high.  It is rather deceptive that way because while it provides temporary relief, it feeds the thoughts.  It makes the thought thrive and thus lengthen the time it takes to exist.  I have finally learned that and now I realize that I have to stand up to the OCD bully.

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