Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to handle obsessive thought patterns

Alternatives to obsessive thought patterns

1. Reading a good book online or offline
2. Studying
3. Meditation
4. Artistic Endeavors
5. Gardening
6. Exercise
7. Ballet
8. Praying
9. Being thankful
10. Sports
11. Music
12. Spending time and associating with like-minded people.
13. Writing
14. Learning math, Spanish, anything
15. Set affirmations to motion
16. Plan days ahead including meal planning
17. Cooking
18. Play games online, or on television
19. Laugh a little
20. Learning about how to budget and save money without being obsessive about it
21. Travel and learn about other nations
22. Watching TV and family films
23. Journal thoughts and musings
24. Animals
25. Children

Those are things that will keep me occupied.  I was told that "changing" the channel will do me some good mentally.  I would like to handle living in a fantasy world and living in the real world.  Exercise is one of the few things that I need to do to not only lose weight, but to clear my head.  Right now, I am listening to music which is not only soothing but also inspirational.  I would like to learn to not only how to do these things on a regular basis but also perform these things on a daily basis.