Thursday, July 23, 2015

Walking on eggshells with relatives

How am I doing?  I am feeling so much better today.  However, I am still struggling with something going on in the house.  I am scared of what my family members in the house are going to do to me.  I am getting tired of them.  I have toxic relatives who are driving me to walk on eggshells every time I walk in the house.  They make my anxiety worse and I have no idea how to cope and be more productive.  I also need to be more assertive.  I have had obsessive thoughts that were vile and just plain nasty.  I know that they are never going to happen, but the thought of them grossed me out.  I just put them aside.  They have been nosy and at times rude.  Things have changed and not for the better.  I have gotten too used to it, but I want it to end.

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