Saturday, July 25, 2015

Follow the Word and therefore follow The Truth

I have taken too much focus on my entertainment choices.  However, I already knew that and I am beginning to sound like a broken record.  I have finally prayed and opened up my heart to the Lord.  I realize that the obsessive thoughts and fears have guided me.  I have not allowed the Holy Spirit to do the same thing.  At times I tend to forget that "God is in the details."  This world is not eternal as it will pass away.  I know that this is in the Good Book.  This means I realize that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom.  The Holy Spirit is almost the Spirit of Guidance, Faith, and Strength.  I wish I had thought about this.  I spend more time entertaining myself even with ungodly tv shows and not asking the Lord what is appropriate for me to watch.   It took a bit of anxiety to realize that I needed to live out as a believer in Christ who doesn't put the tv or music or radio ahead of knowing God.  I am feeling so much better now that the anxiety is gone and that my problem is over, for now.

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