Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Having to accept it

I have had obsessive thoughts and performed compulsions on things that I initially had such as infidelity.  It was just infidelity with just one person.  It snowballed with committing infidelity with more than one person, including numerous people. It snowballed also into everything that infidelity entails.  In past blogs, I write often about the snowballing, but it has been hard to accept.  I realize that the key to acceptance is to react by "not reacting". That is quite a difficulty thing  to do.  I have to mentally and verbally accept the fact that infidelity does happen and that the consequences are divorce, lack of trust and respect, and DNA tests. It is so sad that DNA tests are even made.  This is a consequence of fornication.  Divorce can be a consequence of fornication.  I just that there are a lot of consequences to fornication.  Marriage is sacred.  It is between a man and a woman.  I believe God hates divorce as much as He hates infidelity, fornication, or lying.  That is what is seems has happened to many, including in the Church.  We as the Church are to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ.  How can we be Ambassadors when so many of us fornicate, commit adultery, and cheat.  I have heard that there are as many divorces and scandals in the church as there is out in the world.  This is so sad.  I have to accept the fact that some people choose to be no good.  I accept the fact that I don't like people who commit infidelity because they are not good people.  I also accept the fact that they don't love or respect their spouses and their vows.  These are the thoughts that I had a hard time accepting because it could be true or it could be false.  Are adulterers generally no good people who don't love their spouses? I don't know, but I have to accept that there are people who, real or fictional, commit infidelity for whatever reason and it takes time and patience as well as complete and total honesty.

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