Friday, July 17, 2015

Having doubts about salvation

I have had obsessive doubts about a number of things, such as a wife's infidelity, celebrities, and making a budget.  However, the one category that has much to do with my life and that is my salvation.  It can be "painful" because it is based on my real life.  I have accepted Jesus 20 years ago, but since then I have had doubts about being saved, even up to now. I have prayed over and over for Jesus to save me. and I wonder if that lack of faith will take me straight to Hell.  I don't want to take part, any part, in the Lake of Fire.  I want to be with God in the New Jerusalem.  My hope is that I have walked the narrow road.  Sadly, only a few will find it.  I hope that I have been walking that narrow road.  I know it only takes one time, but it would worry me because it is about where I would spend my eternity.  In this area, I need definite help.

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