Thursday, January 14, 2016

Making choices are a part of life.

I am a person who has to decide who she is and where she wants to be.  Right now, I am watching this show on Lifetime called "Child Geniuses".  I like the show because it doesn't seem like the kids are being exploited.  However, there is still that cringe worthy parent factor.  Anyways, I like shows like "Jeopardy" that do more to stimulate the mind.  This way, I can focus on something other than obsessive thoughts about infidelity and code words such as "wife", "divorce", or "paternity".  It sadly does happen but not everyone has committed infidelity, so why these particular thoughts?  I have decided not to even care.  Life is about choices.  So today, I choose not to be anxious.  I also choose not to worry so much about the cares of this life that nothing will "fall into place".  Tonight I will also choose to focus on me.

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