Saturday, January 9, 2016

Knee Deep

I have finally realized that I have gone knee deep into my obsession.  I have pretended that he was my husband and that we had children together.  We also divorced because I hurt him.  I remarried later on only to hurt the new husband.  When I cam by to see him, he wasn't thrilled with me.  But after I said something, he decided to hug me anyways.  I was in tears and I now know I was forgiven.
All was well until the day he died.  One day I saw a red bird in the window.  I was crying because I missed him.  He was there for me and he wiped my tears.  By then I finally realized that I needed to move on.  I realize that I need to let go.  It was not dream.  It seemed real and I have decided to confess this to anyone in reality.  I guess that if I were to confess, then it would be over.  That is why I cry over him I guess.  I really think that I have lost my mind.  I guess it is the OCD.  I hope it is. Maybe I need to tell the truth, but I won't lie.  Should I just keep my mouth shut?

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