Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Changing my way of thinking

I wonder if I have become obsessed with answering and asking questions.  Truthfully, if I wish to get rid of something, I will have to be fair, honest, and positive.  If and only if that is the case that my wish to accept this obsessive thought or crush.  The only person who can influence my thinking or change my way of changing is me.  I accept the fact that at 41 years old, I no longer feel bad or have to ask questions.  I feel like it is just okay.  I have to realize that the crush is dead.  He was very handsome and thinking about him makes me feel very sad.  Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy but now I know I was not.  I am no longer ashamed of having a crush on someone who is dead.  I am not crazy at all.

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