Saturday, January 23, 2016

How I really feel about myself physically

I don’t always like what I see what I look like in a mirror.  I do at times, but only certain body parts. I find myself comparing my bodies to that of others.  Overall I think that my body has way too many imperfections.  The fact that I am anxious and worried so much is something that I realize has played too great a role in my life as well.  I just have a problem thinking that I am pretty, attractive, beautiful even. It is hard to verbalize things and then accept them as fact.  Those are the things maybe that I need not hold in.  For years I have been holding things in, especially about who I think I am “in love” with.  I realize that while being obsessed with a person can lead to literally stalking him, I realize that not telling the whole story would be counterproductive.  I have had these thoughts and obsessions for years, maybe most of my life, even.  What bothers me about now is the fact that I am over 40 and I still have that same issue.This time it is with someone connected to someone famous...very, very famous.  Sadly right now, had he lived, he would not be over 40 as he died quite young.

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