Thursday, January 7, 2016

Can I trust my own reflection even?

I often wondered ever since I was a kid what others saw in me.  What was most important is what I saw in myself.  How come is it that I can only see myself as a reflection?  Why do I have only a reflection that I may not not trust?  To me, not being able to see myself without a reflection is quite scary.  The world is an untrustworthy place so when if someone is telling me something false about me.  What if I am really a blonde yet the mirror sees a brunette.  I would like to be able to see my nose and my mouth without the use of a mirror for instance.  Would I also be able to trust myself?  I don't know if it is OCD, but I just cannot get over this.  I often concentrate on that very "issue".  If I were to see a picture of myself, how would I know if it is really me.  It may actually be someone else. The joke may actually be on me.

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