Thursday, December 31, 2015

My health matters

There are times like this when I see things clearly.  My thoughts that are obsessive no longer scare me.  The issue is that I would like to happen everyday.  I was so afraid one minute and another minute nothing scares me.  I am doing okay today and I guess that is why.  Ironically, I am thinking and pondering over losing weight yet I am so busy eating the unhealthiest of foods.  That is I guess how it goes...for now. Procrastination is not the key to losing weight, but to gain weight.  Well, that is what happens.  I have no resolution, nor do I have a plan.  The resolutions and the plans have limited me to the point where I have questioned why I have allowed myself to get to my size.  Losing weight is not only a struggle but a journey full of questions, fears, and doubts.  At least this journey will keep me busy.

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