Friday, December 18, 2015

Content of some movies especially

Today, I finally realize that it is okay to feel "dirty" about certain things.  I guess it would mean that it is best to feel guilty in a way.  Today, that was how I felt when watching clips of some movies.  I know that those types of movies do not honor God.  Many of them are demeaning so they do not honor me either.  I would not think that they would bother me but it makes no sense, other than finances, why a person would create such a film unless it is to just get a reaction or tell a story.  Well, some stories are better left untold.  The content of some movies are quite bothersome, such as a relationship falling apart, rape, gratuitous violence and sex, and a lot of cursing.  I know that bad things happen in the real world and I find myself sheltered, but I can watch another movie or change the channel.  With the real world, however, that is much harder, if not, impossible to do.  As much as I am stuck in a "fantasy world", it is so sad at times that I would find greater comfort in this cruel real world than I would have in the world which I have created.

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