Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Exposing those who cheat

I plan to have a good Christmas.  I love to give.  However, I also love to receive.  I had thoughts about women, and men, being humiliated because they have cheated on their boyfriends or girlfriends.  One girl set her cheating boyfriend's privates on fire.  I was thinking as wrong as he was, no wonder he cheated.  I also remember a girl getting caught naked for cheating on her boyfriend with the boyfriend showing to the cameras his reaction.  What in the world?  I believe that it is fake compared to the first story.  I don't think that cheaters should be shamed online.  It makes the one being cheated on small, petty, and just plain mean.  Let the cheater go or let them earn the cheated on's respect and trust.  That is how a situation be handled.  I have my opinions on relationships, but they seem to be irrelevant compared to what I believe about how cheating should be handled.  Jesus gave an adulterous woman mercy, yet he tells her not to sin anymore.  Jesus is supposed to be an Example, right?  Whatever happened to that in a country where Jesus Christ is often proclaimed?  

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