Saturday, December 12, 2015

Inspired by the woman with the issue of blood

I have prayed about being inspired by the woman with the issue of blood.  The woman suffered for a dozen years and have tried everything.  She tried Jesus by touching the hem of his garment.  Because of her faith, she was made whole.  I am inspired by this because of my conditions and disorders.  I have one than one condition that I face on  a daily basis.  It isn't easy at times but I guess instead of complaining, I should consider myself blessed.  I am happy to be alive.  Jesus saved me and changed me.  I know that Jesus is greater than any illness, disorder, syndrome, or condition, including OCD.  I am forever thankful that all of this is only temporary.  One day He will return and though it seems like things aren't perfect, I know t hat one day, OCD will only be a part of the past. That is something for me to keep in mind.

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