Thursday, December 17, 2015

Totally flawed thinking about relationships

I felt like getting out of there.  I was watching a talk show and the guy wanted his girlfriend back. Things hopefully will improve for the couple.  Since watching that segment, I felt hopeful for the guy.  My hope is that women will not only be self-respecting ladies but to see things from a man's point of view.  I think women who cheat are being so stupid.  They are also  being foolish.  While I believe in my views, my views about men aren't much better.  Men in general are cheaters so therefore good men are so few.  However, I see thoughts from a man's point of view, especially if the guy treats her well.  I wonder how a woman could not treat her man well enough.  I wonder why she would do that.  Those are what my thoughts are about.

I realize that my thoughts about relationships and infidelity are rather hypocritical and short-sighted, not to mention wrong at certain point.  Most of all, I would like to change that viewpoint and see things from a sensible and not a wrong, hypocritical, and such a short-sighted point of view.  I can try to think and write all of the right things, but do I believe it in my heart and in my mind?  Those are the things I avoid.  Since 2006, I have had these thoughts about a cheating woman, namely a wife.  I have fearful thoughts about a woman cheating but not a man, but now I know why.  The OCD latches on my negative, and a wrong point of thinking. The question is not only how to overcome the flawed thinking that I have but to overcome the avoidance that I have struggled with.  

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