Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Healthy avoidance is actually about being cautionary

Today, I find myself trying to be reminded of what I am afraid of.  As a believer, I wonder if OCD avoidance is a good thing.  Personally I don't think so.  It adds to the doubting and to the fears.  I have don't things that "feed" my thoughts.  I have often asked for reassurance.  I realize that avoidance in a Christian way is a good thing, such as avoiding bad company, which would cause one to slip.  For example there is a young person who has confessed Christ but had no idea that his friends would be such bad company.  The friends use drugs and drink and party.  Are they a good influence on this professing Christian?  No, the friends are not, and their activities should be avoided at all cost. Those who have not avoided the temptation to get drunk or engage in premarital sex have not died to self.  I wondered if I have failed to die to self for engaging in gossip due to performing compulsions.  I also realize and have a need to, die to self daily.  Dying to self means to gain Christ and become holy. Self-denial denotes holiness and no longer desiring what the world desires because they live and walk in the flesh, for they are of the flesh.  The Holy Spirit is not in them for they don't know the Holy Spirit because they do not know God.  Those words give me great comfort and an even greater understanding of the difference between godly, healthy avoidance, which is caution and avoidance caused by having OCD; it makes the world a smaller place despite it one thinking that the world is a "dangerous" place with all of the disease, sin, and hatred.  There are those things but there is also love, hope, hearth, and kindness.  Lord, help me to keep all of that in mind,.

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