Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thinking on the things of God

I have come to realize that...fiction is not real.  It is not true.  I am to live holy, which includes thinking on what it is true, or at least setting my mind to the truth.  In a world full of lies and a lack of repentance, sometimes it seems hard.  However, a Christian is supposed to think on God's Word.  All I had to do was to do what His Word says.  It provides the answers that I so seek.  I finally come to see that Keeping it simple is just that: the simplicity of God's Word.  I have to see that the shows, movies, and books often portray lies and falsehoods.  I am supposed to set my mind on God's Word and live accordingly.  Having and dealing with obsessive thoughts are those things that , with thinking on the things of God,  can be overcome.  Lord, give me guidance and understanding.

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