Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fictionall infidelity

This morning, I did not even break the cycle of OCD as I have performed online "research" into reading up on characters from television shows that I normally don't watch.  The shows were "House:MD" and "CSI Miami".  Maybe I shouldn't say don't watch, but no longer usually watch.  I also had thoughts about sudden thoughts about a movie about a wife who was killed along with her children because she slept with the entire town.  My guess it was because she did it out of revenge. The husband also seduced other men's wives,  Plus, he was quite a mean person to do that.  She was planning on leaving him.  The movie is called "Cold Creek Manor".  It was an okay film despite the misogyny in it.  The message is that all women cheat despite the fact that according to some statistics, most women are faithful.  I realized that God's Word says that adultery was a sin, but so is murder.No one has a right to kill their spouse, adulterous or not.  I now had to realize that.  It is a shame that it took me this long to realize that, but a lot of men and women kill, embarrass, and do other things to cheating spouses.  Whatever happened to divorce and letting them go?  Oh well, what would I know?

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