Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sobering news....

I wish I could have thought on the things of God today.  The truth is, the problem wasn't with obsessive thoughts, but with reality.  Mentally I have not dealt with the worse case scenario in my head.  Mentally, I had to deal with the reality that my health could worsen.  As an OCD sufferer, I have to ask myself a rather silly question sometimes.  Which is worse, the worst case scenario that will probably never happen but the mind says so or the hope that I have for the real worse case scenarios?  It seems like a silly question, but to me both of them are scary.  I didn't have a health scare.  I got a wake up call.  It was sobering to say the least.  My goal is to live everyday like it is the last day of my life because anything could happen on any day.

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