Saturday, September 26, 2015

Imagining myself as free from these thoughts.

I can barely imagine my life without these thoughts.  For a while that is quite scary.  I realize that my life had its share of ups and down, I wished that I could go back.  However, that is impossible.  I don't want to go back now.  The good thing about have these thoughts is about being wiser as one grows older.  I have just realized that life is just too short to worry.  I have also realized that I am worrying over nothing due to my anxiety.  It is interesting that the Bible says be anxious for nothing.  I guess it means that whatever the reason or whatever the need, we can present our requests to the Lord.  For me, being free of anxiety is very, very hard.  I have to remember that greater is He who is in me that who is in the world.  If only I have learned this lesson earlier.

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