Sunday, September 20, 2015

How I really feel about Award shows

I hate award shows.  I have anxiety about seeing folks getting humiliated.  I fear that something bad like that happens.  I know that it is a rare occurrence, but sometimes even the rarest of occurrences still happen.  I realize that rare means that it doesn't happen very often, but this is OCD I am writing about.  I worry about the rare.  I tend to think on the rare.  I tend to mull over the worst case scenario. Sometimes I wonder if it does happen and why would someone do that.  It is like I have the world on my shoulders.  That has to be the most frustrating part.  What is so strange about these shows is that I don't watch most of them.  I heard about them and I try to watch them, but I just can't and I don't.  I have only watched one episode of "Hawaii 5-0" and while it was a good episode,  I never saw it again.  "Blue Bloods" looks to be a good show, but I have only watched bits and pieces of it.  I know of it because of reruns and because it plays in the house much of the week.  It is just another case of not always knowing how to deal with fiction.  I even have thoughts sometimes about scary, vicious, and disturbing scenes and I cannot get them out of my head.  The best thing I can go is not to think on those things, but on the things of God.

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