Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chasing Life

"Chasing Life" is the name of an ABC Family show that airs on Monday nights.  It is about a young woman who is struggling with cancer.  It sounds like a good show, but I have no idea what the episodes are about.  I was watching the "Hunger Games" last night and the promo for the show came on.  The main character is a reporter named April who was doing a piece on a baseball player.  A woman is having an affair with probably the baseball player named Richie Miranda.  I am tempted to do research on this show and just get it over it.  The real story is that it doesn't matter but to the "persona" it does. " Why did she have an affair?  Was it with Richie Miranda?  Who is her husband?  How could she do that?  I don't understand how a woman could cheat like that. "  I am here to write that if I were to "give in" then I would be temporarily relieved, but will end up feeling guilty and the thought would return...still.  If I were to remain anxious, then it means that I did not give in and I will feel proud of myself for not "giving in".  Writing this is my way to cope.  I tend to give in because it relieves the anxiety associated with the existing thought.  

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