Sunday, February 22, 2015

Infidelity and uncertainty

Today I have been having thoughts about a woman who has been cheating on her husband with other men.  The woman is surprised to find out the husband is leaving her.  Well anyways it makes no sense.  Truth may be stranger than fiction.  With having OCD logic isn't always on my side, so I guess letting the thoughts pass is the answer.  I get into the habit of asking questions about it such as how many men is "many" or "numerous".  That is quite an annoying thing to do.  The answers are simple and why I don't like to think of infidelity I will never know truly except for the fact that I had flawed thinking about women's infidelity, especially in relation to men who cheat.  It it crazy that I have thoughts about people who I will never meet for the most part.  Okay maybe that will be the case, but one of the worst things about having OCD is the uncertainty.  The not knowing is what is so bad about having OCD.  There has to be an answer to everything.  The truth is, I will never know the answer to everything and that in reality there have been things I have never known the exact answer to.  I can do all the research I want but to find a concrete answer to why this happens or why I have those thoughts will never be truly answered.  That is just something that I will just have to accept.

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