Thursday, February 26, 2015

Living with ocd

Is there anything that doesn't spike a new thought?  Anyways, I try to not let things get to me. However, that is easier said that done.  I haven't tried hard enough or tried at all.  I guess.  Many times I have wondered if I only I could have tried or why do I give in.  If I already know the answer then it is best to remind myself that I know it and move on.  I know who I am and I have goals in mind.  I wish I could just let the thoughts pass but it has been hard.  Performing compulsions or doing research to find the answer is a temporary answer but the permanent answer is to let the thoughts pass and realize that not only do I have the answer, if I have one, but to remind myself that an answer isn't all to be all.  I have had thoughts about a number of things, such as divorce, infidelity, racism, and scrupulosity.  I have to realize when things get bad is that the thoughts will too pass.  Wow.  That is a whole lot of reminding.

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