Monday, February 23, 2015

Another perspective on having OCD

Who am I to judge?  Right now that is how I feel.  Who am I to judge people who I don't know?  That is how I feel right now.  If a wife dies does any cheating that she did have something to do with it. There is a missing woman in Florida who met a man at a bar.  She was estranged from her husband and she met a man at a bar.  That in itself is a spike.  I feel like a detective but it is only the OCD "talking".  So how do I shut it up?  How do I keep the spike from evolving into a thought into a compulsion that will only relieve me of my anxiety temporarily.  OCD is a cyclical disease.  I have to admit that I had learned a lot about myself from having this disorder and I even "enjoyed" some of the moments I had with the "OCD Persona".  Why?  It relieved my anxiety if only for a moment. It can be torturous because at time it is torturous.  My goal is to stop the cycle of OCD.  How do I stop the compulsions; how do I not act on them? It would be nice if I...maybe that is the problem.  It is about control.  I want to be in control but with the OCD it is hard.  The best thing I can do is to give up control and let the world be the world and let me be me.  How then do I just allow the thoughts to pass?  I just have so many questions.

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