Friday, February 27, 2015

Moral and sexual issues

Having one's life published on the internet with consent is one thing but having that done without one's consent is humiliating.  I think that people who do this to their exes, male or female are despicable in my eyes.  Posting nude photos and sexual videos of them is disgusting in my eyes.  It is exploitation plain and simple and it could lead to more exploitation.  My thoughts tend to go to the heart of the matter.  Why do men and women seem to hate one another?  It is an exaggeration but some men do hate women and some women do hate men.  I believe that we live in a culture that doesn't celebrate life.  We preach tolerance, love, and respect but it is increasingly becoming more hypocritical, racist, sexist, and ungodly.  I guess that it is the scrupulosity in place.  I didn't think about this often whenever I think about it but it is so sad that chivalry seems to be dying a slow painful death.  Men were to be gentlemen but ladies were also supposed to be ladies.  Being a lady is a virtue and so is being a gentlemen.  Whatever happened to modesty, integrity, and a modicum of respect between the sexes?  I realize that obsessive thoughts are often exaggerated thoughts and that they exaggerate real life, but it seems to have a point.  I guess I can only say that when it comes to moral issues.  I just wish that men and women could just get along better.  Ladies, when a man holds a door for you, thank him.  Men, when a woman is faithful and loves you, love her in return.  Is that really too hard for some people?

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