Sunday, November 22, 2015

My thoughts and images scare me sometimes..

I am here to write that I have been dealing with images for a long time.  They have been about sex and rape for a while now.  Those images have been scaring me for years.  I realize that that is part of the OCD.  The thoughts that have been scaring me for years.  A woman getting caught in the act have been scary thoughts that I cannot see on television and in the movies.  Why do women cheat?  How can she do that?  I think that it is disgusting that she would do that.  I feel fear towards her and for the other guy.  What will the husband do about it?  What is wrong with me; why should I care?  How do I let those images pass?  They are difficult to pass unlike the thoughts that I cannot see I have?  I hate having these thoughts and these images in my mind.  I can't take those thoughts and those images anymore.  I get anxious over those thoughts and images; they aren't there often, but I have avoided or tried to avoid everything that deals with those thoughts and images.  Avoidance is something that I have "partaken" for years and I am getting tired of that.  I just don't know how to get rid of these thoughts and images.  They are a source of frustration to me.  

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