Friday, November 20, 2015

"Acceptance of thought"

I "love" him.  I have bidden adieu, but I cannot really let go.  I have tried.  However, I didn't try today.  I cried about him, and I worry about him.  What if he went to another place?  I wonder where he is.  What happened to him?  Having an obsession about a guy who has died is very weird.  I know this because if I were to take a few steps back then I would think that I am going crazy.  I was forgiven.  I messed up today because I was thinking about him.  I love his looks, his voice, and his seeming good personality.  I have come to accept my crush or obsession of him.  I have the man so attractive that I had difficulty letting him go.  Goodbye, young man,  You are greatly missed.  You are greatly loved.

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