Thursday, November 19, 2015

Knowing how to overcome my compulsions

How do I overcome my compulsions? I would like to quit cold turkey, but is it possible?  I would like to overcome OCD, but as it seems, the OCD will never just go away soon.  I don't like having these compulsions.  They are mostly about wives cheating?  They are about other wives cheating.  I want to know why she cheats?  Why and how she feel about her husband?  I know infidelity is wrong, so does it make one a bad person?  I feel that it doesn't say much about her.  I am not about passing ungodly judgement on her, but it doesn't make here seem like a good person.  My other question is why do I have thoughts about another woman committing adultery.  I have "theories" about this. However, I realize it no longer matters why.  Yet I wonder why I should care.  I no longer have questions about a wife in particular cheating, even if she is innocent.  Why oh why?  There is nothing I can do to change the facts about infidelity.  I feel like a nosy person who wants to know the business of others.   It makes me less anxious.  However, it doesn't make feel that great since I have wasted a lot of time to find the "answers" I so seek.  What is important is that I break the cycle of OCD.  I just hope that the impossible can be possible.  That is my story about why and how I manage to cope with having OCD.  

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