Monday, November 23, 2015

Examining my life with OCD

I am feeling better because the images no longer scare me.  Maybe it is better that I turn the TV off.  I am one who doesn't wish to consider avoidance a good thing.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a purpose since I have become a professional at avoiding things because of my thoughts.  I have been have difficulties that include  professional wrestling, fear of going to Hell, and separating fictional characters and end up thinking they are real.  It seems to make no sense.  It is especially true since I am a Christian who like some sports, have never cheated, and nor have been cheated on.  I only have theories on why I have some obsessions that are scarier than others.  I have my beliefs but even those beliefs have been exaggerated to the point where I begun to judge those who commit infidelity, wrestle, or those who preach about salvation.  It is a reality and a rather sad one.  But I realize that there is hope and I am forever hopeful.  That is a good thing.

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