Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Sun

The sun casts its shadow through the window
With the breath of dust in the air
It touched the house
The heat kissed my face
I am reminded of the creation God made
The white hot sun
The clear blue sky
The cotton white clouds
The dew kissed leaves crowning a thick, muscular streaked gray, white-streaked oak tree
Hovering over the brightest green grass
I am reminded daily that the moving sun is His way of saying
"I am the Creator
I made all of these things with the fruits to enjoy
With the sun to give light for Me to do My handiwork
With the sun to guide you with as I am guiding You with Mine eye
With the sun peeking through those clouds
With the sun complementing the grass that continually grows
The sun I create is a reminder that I am a Jealous God
And Me only shall You serve
I am a Jealous God
You are Not to worship all that is in it
Acknowledge me and you will be wise
Acknowledge me as the sun acknowledges me
Acknowledge me as the Son was there from the beginning for the world including the sun
was created through Him
Acknowledge Him as the Only Begotten Son, Your Savior
Acknowledge Him and you shall live
You shall live as those things you see
I gave you a purpose and that is to live for and serve me and not deny Him
Just as I gave this Son a purpose
Just as I gave this sun a purpose
We shall all work in harmony just as I intended
But alas, the stench of sin has seperated You and I
But the sun gives light
But the Son gives life"
It is an interesting thing that God's creation is marveled
But the Son is overlooked
But one thing I do know
The Son saved my life and my soul
And I know that the Son was there all along
And that God is the World's Greatest Artist

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