Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Movie (a poem about OCD)

The Movie

The movie is playing
In the theatre of the mind
It is no window to the soul
It is disturbing and frankly, quite frightening
I don't understand why this is so, but I can't help but to watch
I wish that this movie never plays
But I have this movie many times before
I know the plot
I know the ending
It is so predictable
But it is surprisingly good
It is a suspensful thriller, adventure, tragedy, and horror film all rolled up into one
The message is cruel, deceptive, extreme, and unrealistic
It is a movie that just won't stop playing
It is an urban legend
It is so vivid
The imagination runs and runs
The pain mounts
The anxiety weighs down
Then there is relief
Only for the movie to play again
It never seems to end
It never seems to end
The questions flood
There will never be answers
All I know is that the movie never seems to end

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