Friday, June 19, 2015

My obsession with the topic of race (from a forum post)

I have to say that I am not obsessed with the issue of race. Obsess is a dirty word, but it is true. I may have been wrong before. Anyways, I have OCD and that is why I have this obsession with race. It all started when I was doing genealogical search and that is what happened. The genealogical research in 2000 and it at first fascinated me because of my family tree. Then it took a while to realize that at first it wasn't bothersome but it took until today to realize that I need to go to my counselor about this said issue. The genealogical research triggered all of those questions about the very issue and for a while they have faded away. After a while I would go on foreign sites and other sites in which there would be a number of foreign people and ask them about race and the concept of race in their countries. That is how bad the obsession got. I need to talk to my counselor more about race. It isn't as scary as the thoughts about infidelity but it is annoying still.

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