Thursday, June 18, 2015

(Having OCD sucks) From an old entry on another blog

Having OCD sucks.  It seems that at times I take pleasure in those thoughts because it calms my mind down and it answers those questions that I ask.  Maybe it is about asking for reassurance which is what I have done often.  I have been diagnosed as having OCD as late as 2010.  I felt relieved but it was one in a set of problems that I have.  My problems are about moral and religious issues.  I sometimes wonder if God really saved me or if I am lost.  Moral issues include infidelity and just doing the right thing.  I always have these questions in my head that in my mind require an answer.  I hate uncertainty and I just can't take it.  I wish I never had it and I felt very lonely because I don't have all of the answers and I don't know anyone personally who has the same problem.

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