Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Obsessed about a "Crush"...I guess.

I hope that I am the type of person who is known for being loyal.  Loyalty is such a great quality to have.  I have never betrayed anyone.  I am not trying to hurt anyone.  However, I have questioned whether or not I know how to be a true friend.  Those are questions that I have had and I also wonder if I had obsessive thoughts about that.  I guess that OCD latches on to anything.  I have had obsessive thoughts about many things, and many people.  Crushes can turn into obsessions.  I realize that the "cure" to them is acceptance. It is okay to have positive feeling about someone.  I guess it is even okay to have an innocent crush on someone.  Then there is the normal crush that has become an obsession.  Unfortunately those are hard to break.  I am a brave person to unleash about this.  It was a source of shame and something that I am not proud of.  I have done things I am not proud of.   But hopefully that I will all be in the past as I look forward to the future.

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