Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Thoughts about Reparations for slavery in the US...

I always thought it was quite interesting. How does a small percentage of a group enslave an entire race of people? That seems like an impossibility, even with what happened with black people in the US. I am of the assumption is that it is quite impossible to even within a span of 100 years enslave an entire race and that those who are telling this are those with an agenda. Education is most definitely a form of reparations. While the majority of black people were enslaved, there were some who were free. Then there were laws in differing areas of the country, state and federal which over time banned the practice of bringing slaves to the New World, people risking their lives so that they could be free, and some masters even freeing their slaves. Not to mention that for 100 years slavery was legal and it didn't enslave all four million black people. It is so sad that some people think that they need to teach an agenda instead of teaching the truth about slavery. The truth about slavery which isn't often taught in schools, colleges, and universities is bad enough because slavery was bad enough.

I mentioned education being the best reparation, if reparations are to be distributed it out to only black people, because many slaves could not be educated by another person or could they educate themselves dependent upon the state. Slavery was in truth, was a vile, evil business and institution which generally enslaved over 4 million people or so towards the time period of the Civil War, and most of them were black or mixed-race. Also, shouldn't some white people and Native Americans also get some reparations for slavery if we wish to prove that there are people who should be compensated? Here is my point. Reparations will solve absolutely nothing and even if it is doled out in the form of money or an apology, it unfortunately will not turn back the clock. The issue of reparations for slavery is yes, a part of US history, but Arabs, Europeans, Natives, Jews, and Africans were either enslaved or benefited from slavery.

We as Americans only know but so much about slavery and how evil it truly was, especially since there have been so many people with a dishonest historical agenda. Which is the true story, black Americans were a culturally lost people who except in some cases did not resist or were afraid to resist because the white man was all too powerful? Or, could it be that those who were brought here from Africa came from many walks of life, contributed to many aspects of US culture, particularly in the South, and survived insurmountable odds and forged into a new people who after the brutality, horrors, and degradation of enslavement, ended up with black men voting for the very first time, some owning land, becoming full fledged citizens, and despite all of the hardships that came with anti-black racism especially, families and entire communities were formed and came together? Sadly, I have been assuming that the first question is what people in the US are being taught. The second deals with historical facts. While an assimilated people, the Africans that were brought here were hardly lost and there have been instances of uprisings and mutinies on slave ships. The slaves were hardly an ignorant group of Africans. English is about as similar to Mande and Yoruba as German is to Japanese for instance. My point is, it makes no sense that reparations for slavery come in the form of monetary compensation or something else, that Americans cannot just decide for themselves, as in each individual American does not learn the truth about what has happened. What will happen will be even more divisiveness and more victimization.

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