Monday, April 25, 2016

My progress or lack thereof

As far as the obsessive thoughts, I have made some progress.  Progress however, have been slow. Progress is well worth it.  However, I felt as it I have convicted to do more for myself.  I feel so alone sometimes. It is time for me to lay off the internet for a while.  That might do me some good.  I realize that I have to let go of what I feel is quite secure.  On the other hand, it has only been a few years.  I have realized that I have allowed the world to pass me by.  I am always one who writes, writes, and continually writes.  What do I want?  What person do I want to be?  Well, I would like to be able to live life.  I have to be honest with myself, even more than now.  I need to not only be convicted but to follow those convictions.  I have come to realize that I succeed by doing what is hardest to me.  I have learned to not allow those thoughts to take over.  It was a long fight that I am winning.  I feel trapped, even at home.  How do I overcome this?  I need a support system starting from You.  I have prayed about this often.  I believe that God wants me to take action, no matter how difficult or how scary.  All I have to do is to follow His leading and take some action.  I have to do this.

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