Sunday, August 23, 2015

Definitions...Being mindful and being thoughtful

Define Thoughtful:
           Absorbed in or involving thought
           Showing compassion for one's fellow man

Define Mindful
            Conscious or aware of something

Based on the definitions above, I guess I can be mindful and thoughtful.  I have learned that being mindful can be more difficult for me than being thoughtful.  I don't have a hard time telling the truth and admitting things.However, I do have issues with anxiety.  Anxiety is a lack of a peace of mind.  It can be a scary, dark place at times.  Anxiety can take control but mindfulness is about connecting the dots between being truthful and being considerate or conscious of the things around us.  It was as if I had to learn the hard way.  It was all about you know, fiction.  I was anxious about fiction yet I have come to realize that fictional characters are about someone else's admittance through creation of characters and scenarios.  Anxiety makes these characters all too well.  Avoidance is about being safe, safe from the worst case scenario.  It also seems like I tend to run away from those thoughts.  I have to be mindful as well as to contemplate what is actually true. Both are deliberate actions that can be and are the solutions in my mind to deal with and overcome the anxiety that I have.

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