Saturday, August 22, 2015

Being mindful

 Last night I began to be mindful and "take a step back".  To me that is what mindfulness is about.  I was "wondering" if should have watched this Lifetime movie called "In My Sleep".  It was an interesting premise, but I did not watch it.  Anyways, the man killed his wife because she slept with his best friend who he set up.  I spent at least an hour trying to do "research" on this film.  After learning to be mindful about having to even watch the movie, the decision was made.  As I was being mindful, I have come to realize that watching the movie and doing "research" wasted my time.  I have decided to watch something else.  It is rather strange that I no longer have any interest in watching the film.  However mindfulness have calmed my mind because it helped me see the surroundings.  I have learned that reality is my best friend in the mist of the "untamed" mind.

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