Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is such a beautiful song.  It is quite a new.  Having OCD is like having a lot of pressure.  It has had an effect on my mind and body.  I know that others have bigger crosses to bear, but it is hard to see that when hellacious thoughts come.  I realize that thoughts are going to come.  My question is how do I think outside the box?  That is my assignment for the week.  What does it really mean?  What is that all about?  Sadly, I have no clue.  All I want to do is to live life.  Happiness is I guess what one makes of it.  However, it is hard when one has to deal with endless bothersome thoughts and questions.  Sure it matters.  It is not really about who I am, but my mind tends to play tricks on me.  That is what is so bothersome, other than the compulsions.  If only they weren't so temporary.  

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