Sunday, May 17, 2015


So I am watching the "Expendables" and I realize that it is just fiction.  I love this movie and I would highly recommend it.  This is an action movie that I am behind.  I am realizing that not engaging too much into fiction can be a "dangerous" thing, especially for me.  I do, however, find that straightforward movies without much sexual content doesn't bother me.  Sexual content with some violence bothers me.  I wish that sexual content in movies don't bother me.  I also wish that I wasn't so invested in so much entertainment.  I find it so sad that I have spent much of my days glued to something that has shown not to "be a friend".  It is not alive.  It can't walk or "talk" or dream.  I can turn it off at any time.  I have placed so much importance in watching television over the years that ironically it has caused me to check my priorities, hence watching the "Expendables".

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