Sunday, May 31, 2015

"A God Like You" by Kirk Franklin

I wish that I can focus more on God, but I focus too much on my obsession.  I can bear it but I can bear it, but I rather not grin about it. There is no grin and bear it here.  I am not in love with him at all.  He has altogether become my God.  "A God Like You" is a song I love by Kirk Franklin and I can't help but to repeat it over it.  There is no one like God.  I love the Lord, but I cannot say that that is how I am behaving when there is an obsession with another in the way.  My desire is to bid adieu and for him to leave. It will be hard but there is a space for God that I need to allow to fill.  I am not saying that we have a God shaped void.  There is nothing like that in the Bible.  What is God's shape anywhere?  If God is everywhere, why do people limit Him so much?  To me there is no such thing.  Anyways, my obsession has taken up way too much space in my heart and my mind.  It is time for me to move on and just "get over it".

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