Monday, May 11, 2015

Crosses to bear

I had to learn how to accept the fact that I guess I will always have these thoughts.  Thoughts will come.  To God be the glory.  I have to consider that there are bigger crosses to bear.  I also have to realize that there are others who have bigger crosses to bear.  I am to not just be mindful of that, but to also pray for and serve, help, and guide those who are in need.  We are to love our fellow man (and woman) and serve them as God calls us to do.  I have spent so much time dealing with these thoughts it is as if I have the worst of the worst without considering that compared to the hell others suffer through, mine is only temporary.  How can I see the truth in that when I have gone through my own hell?  Having OCD is not easy.  It is hard.  It is amazing how one can reconcile having ocd with acceptance.  That has been difficult, but over time, that can be easier.

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