Monday, November 11, 2013

Debbie's Letter from Hell- A Fictional Account about a real subject

Dear family and friends, and the world at large,

I am tormented in this flame. I ask God to save me over and over again. I thought I was a Christian. I should have lived for God, but I lived for myself, and everyone else. I brought my problems on myself. I have no one else to blame.

I was a selfish young woman. I had the whole world ahead of me. How could I be so stupid? It is a scary dark place where people are being tormented day and night, night and day. It is a place I don't wish on my worst enemy.

There is no love, no forgiveness, no peace, and no joy. This is what Hell is like. Hell is a real place, but I didn't believe. Hell is not a false doctrine. I should not have listened to the doctrine of other. Instead, I should have read God's word for myself. This is not a place of rest nor is it a party. The smell is wretched down here. You could hear the gnashing of teeth, the screams, and the cries of regret.

It is my fault. I brought myself to this place because I made one bad choice. God did not send me here, I sent myself here. I should have known that I deserve this fate, but I did not take the time to read or study the Bible, or even thank God. I took God for granted, nor was I thankful.

I was also among the unholy. I lived my life as I pleased. I lived life my way. I did my own thing, and now I regret it. Independence is not always a good thing. Dependence is a most precious thing. Depend on Jesus for salvation, for He is the only way. Why didn't I listen? I had friends who are Christian. I thought I was saved because I said a prayer, but I left it at that. I did not live for the Lord nor did I serve Him.

I cried out to God for help, but is of no use. I will never see my loved ones . I will never wake up in the morning. I will never prepare breakfast for my kids. I will never read them a story and kiss them good night. I wish I could tell them that I loved them, but I cannot. I cannot even contact my loved ones and ask how they are doing. I was a good person, but being good is not enough. I could have been among the saved, but it is too late for me. Don't let it too late for you.


Debbie Colmes


Debbie Colmes

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