Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thoughts on how kids should be disciplined

Should kids who disobey or at least do things a parent disagrees with, or do wrong be publicly shamed? How should kids be disciplined in at least this situation? I'm risking it here, but I am 41 years old. When I was a kid, I got beatings just like many kids, but I don't call it abuse. I in short, turned out okay. What are your thoughts on corporal punishment as compared to publicly shaming a disobedient kid or one that needs to be corrected? I believe that public shaming and posting things online is counterproductive. I personally rather discipline my kids at home, not online for the world to see, but that is just me. I just cannot imagine my mom, or dad, shame me like this in public (unless I was running from them and they had a switch or belt in their hands). Anyways, I believe that how one disciplines our youth has changed way too much, and in my opinion, not in a good way.

I was partially referring to those on YouTube, Facebook, and even the news. There was a Caribbean woman who beat the crap out of her daughter for her posts online. Wow, that must have been embarrassing for the kid, not only for the mom to get beaten like that with a belt, but to add the humiliation of the whole world knowing that you got beat by your mom all over the internet. I also recall when I was a kid, there were mothers who would hit or beat their kids whenever they acted up in the grocery store. I was a kid so I felt bad watching that. I have noticed that kids, especially little kids don't get beatings in the store for others to see anymore. I am just talking about five year olds getting spanked. 

My guess is also because we live in an age of time-outs and other form of punishments like publicly humiliation, which I still think would be, and is counterproductive. I guess I am more into disciplining a child privately (according to age, of course). For instance, I would not spank a kid with a belt when the child is two or three. If I were a parent (and I would like to be one day), I would spank my kid when the kid is more "mature" or at least "old enough" to be spanked such as someone who is ten or eleven, at least with a hand to the bottom, but not so hard that a kid would get a bruise there. 

Usually by 12-16, spankings seem to have less of an effect on the kid or kids, unless it is spanking and public humiliation, especially online. I recall however, the video of the teenager who was missing for several days and not only did the dad "put the belt" to her for being that, but for dressing more adult. Now what was even worse was it was posted online and not to mention, the girl was called names while she was being spanked.

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