Friday, July 8, 2016

This past week

Right now, I am playing "Amazing Grace" online and it has come to mind what has happened over the past week.  Today I have discussed the tragedies going on in our country today.  I would not be surprised if the viewpoints of others within families, workplaces, and schools become more heated. We want it all to stop, whether or not it is the killings or the division.  I too want it to stop.  I want black lives to matter.  I want blue lives to matter.  I want all lives to matter, like it should be.  I don't want for history to repeat itself.  However, I have a feeling that another shooting will take place of another person or persons to take hold of this country like it has this past week.  I have a sinking feeling that worse is yet to come.  Maybe we should integrate ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to be divided in this nation.  United we stand, divided we ALL fall.  Hate, fear, and more loss of life will continue to exist because many are not taking a stand or allowing ourselves to fall for anything.

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