Tuesday, July 5, 2016

God is there...and speaking

Wow, my letter to the Lord was heartfelt and intense to say the least.  I wrote about my mental health issues and God showed me that we all live on His time.  He has been there for me all along.  I guess that is what it is meant by waiting on the Lord.  It is not just realizing that we are all living on His time, but that we are to fully trust Him.  God wants our full attention, not just our fully "divided" attention.  There is no division with God in that regard.  He also wanted me to see that He indeed does heal and that He does care.  I know now that love and care go hand in hand, but also with a deep appreciation, and respect.  God is more real to me now than ever and I thank Him for revealing that to me.  No matter how tough things are right now, I finally know that God is truly there.  I thank Him for realizing that taking things for granted is not only counterproductive, it is also foolish.  There is nothing worse to me right now than being ungrateful, thoughtless, and short-sighted.  I am thankful for His clarity and His answered prayer.

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