Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homework Assignment 2/2-2/6

2/2 I know how to treat other people with respect and dignity.
2/3 I have style, taste, and class.
2/4 I am a classy person who respects other's rights and feelings.
2/5  I celebrate who I am today.
2/6  I am a strong person who is of good courage.

2/1  Change for me would involve my wanting to get out of my comfort zone and facing my fears.  I am just reflecting on my life and what is being too comfortable for me.  I am in a world where it is easy to be fearful and avoid what is so fearful.
2/2  RIP, Phillip Seymour Hoffman; I didn't watch a lot of his movies and such, but it is just so tragic when a person dies young.  May he rest in peace.

2/3   "Dukes of Hazzard" was hilarious.  I guess I am too nostalgic for my own good.
2/4    Sometimes I feel as if I am being ruled by a plan of events.  It doesn't become about planning it become more about a routine or at least a routine that controls my day.  In that sense, prioritizing can become more important and it helps to improve my life skills such as cleaning up a house or studying. 
2/5  Psalm 23 has given me peace of mind and says much about the character of God.
2/6  I as an American believe that we are isolated from the rest of the world, therefore making it easier for us, despite our technological advances there.  The world is a much smaller place despite the disconnect between I have learned here from American sources and what I have learned from actual Brazilian people. 

Food and Diet Blog Entries
2/2 I am a lot let nervous to exercise.  I was so nervous because I fear failure.  I think that an exercise log would make things easier for me.  Why I didn't realize this before, I have no idea.
2/3 I have to be careful eating trigger foods or avoid them altogether.  I realize that I can and do eat some fruits and vegetables.  Eating grains and lean meats are also important.  Being on WW has taught me to eat. 
2/4 Right now I feel like giving up.  However I am reminded of a lot of things.  I am cheap, so I better not waste any money on something that has been good for my health, lol.  Seriously, I need to lose the weight that I gained and then some.  Today has been a good start for me.  It has been a spiritual awakening.  I would like to live my life as a responsible adult.  I have had issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lack of self-control to contend with.  Those are deep issues that I have to face also including fears.  I am also nervous about going ahead with WW.  I don't wish to allow frustration to cause me to quit.
2/5 I need to learn about diet and exercise.  I don't feel good about myself.  I would like to overcome eating too much processed foods.  My question is, how do I go about doing that?  I feel like being ashamed of myself because I want to be honest yet it has been hard.  I really have to log in everything I eat.  I have to and need to be honest with myself if I wish to lose weight and take care of myself.
2/6 I don't feel guilty about what I ate. I am not sure how to plan all of my meals for tomorrow since I have an appointment.  My mother and I do cook different types of foods, which is true, yet there are foods like greens that we have in common.

Exercise Blog Entries
2/1   I have an obvious desire to change.  I am nervous however.  I am afraid that I will not stick to an exercise routine.  I like to walk and do other exercises but I am nervous about it. 
2/2   I didn't exercise much, but I did push and pull a heavy cart full of groceries this morning.  I wonder how many WW points that will be.
2/3   Needless to say, I am not a good dancer.  Well, I cannot say that because I am just too shy to dance.  I am just shy period.  It doesn't seem that way because I am being so blunt.
2/4   I did some dancing today, so I felt pretty decent.  However, I feel nervous about having an exercise regimen.
2/5   I even have a hard time following simple diet and exercise advice.  I have to admit that I did dance some, which is good.  But either I am lazy or I am beginning to hate exercise.
2/6 I do procrastinate this is true.  However, I want to do better and overcome this issue of procrastination.  Why do I tend to do that? 

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