Friday, October 23, 2015

Who am I really?

It is amazing and sad I blatantly or subtly engage in anything negative about me.  Do I feel good about myself?  Not really.  It is hard for me to see myself as pretty or attractive.  I am overweight and that is the reason why.  It is hard for me to believe that I can be positive about myself.  It doesn't help that I have valued what others think about me and my appearance, at least in a negative light.  I do have self esteem issues, but why do I continue to have this issue?  Wishing does not work.  Doing things however do work.  Taking action is important.  I need to believe that I am pretty, that I am smart with uses at least a modicum of common sense, or that I am attractive at least someone to the opposite sex.  The truth is, I just don't care that much for me.  I realize that it is because of the low self-esteem and all of the negative thoughts against me.  I even think that in my fantasy world that I am crazy or unlikable.  I guess it is a reflection of how I truly feel about myself.  I do in fact care so much about what others think.

Here are 5 negative thoughts that I have about myself:

1.  I am too fat and I will remain frustrated over my weight loss.

2.  I am not pretty.

3.  I fail to exhibit common sense at times.

4.  I don't like my body.

5.  I don't always think that I am a good or likable person.

Here are 5 positive thoughts about myself or thoughts that counter those above.

1.  I have pretty eyes.

2.  I have been told that I have pretty hair.

3.  I have great legs that I love to show off.

4. I really am smart and like to learn.

5. I really am a good cook.

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